Kelly Dae Wilson Twenty Years Later
Dedicated to finding the truth behind the disappearance of Kelly Dae Wilson
On January 5, 1992 Kelly Dae Wilson from Natchitoches, Louisiana recently located to Gilmer Texas vanished from the parking lot of her place of employment at North Texas Video on the square in Gilmer. She closed the store at around 8:30 P.M. with the night deposit.. The deposit was made by an unknown source. The last person to see her was North Texas Video store owner  who said he saw her standing by her car as he drove away in his truck.
When Kelly did not show up at home or her friends house with whom she was supposed to be staying, her mother became worried and her stepfather began to search for her. At five A.M. he discovered Kelly's car with a slashed tire, purse still inside and the keys missing.​ The vehicle was never fingerprinted. 
​Warning: This material is very graphic and disturbing.

Chris Denton and Brent Ward
Chris Denton and Brent Ward  are the original prime suspect under the direction of Sargeant James York Brown before he himself got indicted for the Kelly Wilson disappearance. Other information on Chris Denton and Brent Ward is provided by Shane Phelps Attorney General.
Brent Ward is somewhat an enigma when referring to this case. It appears that either he or Chris Denton told a girlfriend to lie about their whereabouts on Sunday and Monday ( Monday, referring to January 5, 1992 the date of the disappearance ) Brent Ward when later brought in for questioning from the F.B.I.  failed a lie detector test concerning the whereabouts of Kelly Wilson he then sought immunity for any testimony which was denied. It is unclear why he sought such a course.

Chris Denton was Kelly Wilson's boyfriend at the time of her disappearance. He was said to have a " hot temper "​ but it is unclear what type of relationship he and Kelly had. Chris Denton was never able to give a solid alibi regarding his whereabouts according to the Attorney General and told various versions of his story. He was said to have " struggled for answers " when testifying before a grand jury and as well as Ward failed a polygraph administered by the F.B.I. concerning the location of Kelly Wilson. The A.G.'s office found significance in Denton's vehicle as well. It was a 1984 Cheverolet Celebrity purchased on August 29, 1991 by Denton's father and was sold February 11, 1992 to a dealer in Louisiana to be shipped to Mexico. The F.B.I. did  a vacuum of the vehicle and found debris which included hair strands and noted the truck mat was missing. Chris Denton died of cancer March 19, 2004. There were rumors that he made a deathbed confession regarding the Kelly Wilson disappearance. Those rumors are unfounded. Both Denton and Ward maintained innocence. Ward was a pall bearer at Denton's funeral.
Michael Biby
This is the local skateboarder who slashed Kelly Wilson's tire. Certain investigarors implicated this individual. Other information is provided by the F.B.I.
The implication of Michael Biby stems from the testimony of Connie Martin  and the connection with Wendell Kerr. ( Connie Martin and Wendell Kerr will be discussed in detail when referring to the satanic cult investigation ) According to a statement by Connie Martin there was a phone call to the Kerr residence that alerted them to  " go to Gilmer right now " It has been implied by investigators that Biby may have made that call and the tire slashing may have been a way to delay Kelly Wilson so she could be acquired by the Kerrs. Investigators then began to research a possible connection between Michael Biby and the Kerrs. It has been listed as " fact " that Michael Biby lived with Wendell Kerr for a time but other accounts suggest that connection was speculated and not made. Biby failed an F.B.I. administered lie detector concerning the Kelly Wilson disappearance. Michael W. Biby was charged with criminal mischief for slashing the tire but was not considered a suspect in the disappearance by local law enforcement. Biby still lives in Gilmer.

Joe David Henry was a well known business owner in Upshur county. He owned North Texas Video from sometime in the 1980's  to late 2000 when he closed the store due to the loss of business to the new chain video store Movie Gallery and the advent of DVDs would have required him to rebuy all VHS in his collection to the DVD format which was most likely not in his best interest.
Joe Henry gave a statement at the time of the disappearance that Kelly Wilson was  standing by her car as he drove away  Henry was taking care of his mother who was in failing health at the time which may explain why he had Kelly Wilson do the night deposit. Joe Henry has never been considered a suspect. 
There is no legal information on Joe Henry regardind this case except that he was the last to see Kelly Wilson before she vanished. 
Joe Henry was charged ​with posession of child pornography in 2004.
Owner of North Texas Video and Joe's Place Juicy Hamburgers both on the square in Gilmer.
Joe Henry
The Kerr family or simply " the Kerrs "as they are known by Gilmer residents were considered  " country people "  and were rarely seen at local establishments. The family mainly resided on Cherokee trace in Gilmer  3.5 miles out of town but owned other property around Gilmer where they had made residence.

​Roger Don Holeman was primarily a bus driver though at one time he had been a reserve police officer for the Big Sandy police department. Holeman was accused of sexually abusing a child in Gladewater, Texas. Those charges were eventually dropped. Holeman was known to be a " religious fanatic " and would quote scripture in his defense.​ Don Holeman grew up with the Kerrs and at one time was their neighbor. After his indictment in 1993 he joined V.O.C.A.L. ( victims of child abuse laws ). Roger Don Holeman was a bodybuilder and was said to have kept his appearance " neat and clean " in contrast to the Kerrs who were seen to be " white trash "  as quoted by one anonymous investigator.

​​Tammy Jo Smith is Don Holeman's common law wife​. They had  one son together. Tammy Smith also had a child through another marriage named Raymond Smith. It was Raymond who first told anyone details of​ the Kelly Wilson disappearance.
​There is no more functional information on Tammy Smith as of now.

​Sgt. James York Brown was a tenured police officer and the original investigator on the Kelly Wilson disappearance. When Brown had previously attempted a position with the Winnsboro police department and was denied the Chief of police Gary Lile was quoted as saying " we did not want to hire someone who is known to associate with high school girls ".  Brown maintains no knowledge of Kelly Wilson herself just that she may have served him coffee before when she worked at the Golden Corral in Gilmer. 

When speaking of the Kerrs and their alleged involvement we have to trace the timeline back to Late 1990 when the first of nineteen children were removed from the custody of the Kerr family and their alleged associates. It is unclear as to who alerted case workers to the Kerr residence.

In November, 1990 Elizabeth Ann Goar ( social worker ) was assigned to the Loretta/Wendell Kerr cases​​. Their  four children were taken into CPS custody.
In December, 1990 Wanda Hicks ( Hicks was still her legal name from her ex husband James Hicks. Geer is her maiden name) brings a letter  from her brother Lucas Geer​ to social workers. The letter was addressed to Wendell Eugene Kerr. In this letter Lucas Geer admits to having sex with Wanda's son. Lucas Geer then confesses to City police officer Becky Pope and CPS worker James McGuire  to the abuse of Wanda Hick's son.
On January 11, 1991 Wendell Kerr and Loretta Kerr are administered polygraphs regarding the alleged sexual abuse of their children. Wendell Kerr fails his polygraph, Loretta passes.
Soon after the Kerr children are taken into custody in March 1991 The Wanda Hicks case is opened due to the sexual abuse of her son by Lucas Geer.​​ When interviewed by Ann Goar,  Wanda Hicks commits that she would not date or allow Wendell Kerr to supervise her children. 

May 17, 1991 Wendell Kerr is indicted and arrested for the sexual abuse of his children.​​ 
​May 23, 1991 Loretta Kerr divorces Wendell Kerr
​July 1, 1991 Lucas Geer pleads " guilty " to child molestation charges and is sentenced to ten years probation​​. 
July 16, 1991 Wendell Kerr posts bond and is released from the Upshur Uounty jail​.
​July 21, 1991 Wendell​ Eugene Kerr marries Wanda Hicks despite her commitment to the Child Protective Service. The wedding took place at Eugene and Geneva's Cherokee Trace home. Don Holeman and Tammy Smith were the only non-relatives. 
​July 25, 1991 CPS workers visit the Kerr home and find Wanda and children with Wendell Kerr. CPS files papers to remove Wanda Hicks Kerr's children. ​
August 1991 Wanda Kerr admits on a stand in a court hearing that she had sexually abused her children from the time they were one month old.​​ 
August 1991 Loretta and Wendell's children were returned to Loretta.
September13, 1991 Wendell Kerr's children tell Ann Goar About what appeared to be ritual child abuse.​
​​October 1, 1991 Foster mother tells CPS that Wanda's child told her of how Wendell brought the kids out to the woods and left them telling them the devil was coming.
​December 3, 1991  Wanda Hick's children tell Ann Goar of their " bone collection ."​​​
December 9, 1991 The Hicks children are interviewed by​ Upshur County Deputy, Kay Lynn Burris. In that interview they told how people gave Wanda money so they could have sex with them. They also made reference to videotapes. 
December 1991 The Kerr children are taken to Dr. Charles Fries for evaluation.​ 
These are the persons accused of multiple accounts of child abuse, ritual satanic sacrifice, and the murder of Kelly Dae Wilson.They are:  ​Eugene Wendell Kerr, Geneva Skipper Kerr, Wendell Eugene Kerr, Wanda Kerr, Danny Oscar Kerr, Connie Sue Martin, Tammy Jo Smith, Roger Don Holeman, and Sgt. James York Brown. Information is provided by the" Lyford Team ,"  the Attorney General's office, the F.B.I., as well as many anonymous sources and court documents.
There are certain details to these testimonies that will be summed up or omitted out of respect for those that loved Kelly Wilson or the other people harmed. Even with omissions this is extremely graphic and very disturbing. Those of sensitive nature should read no further.

The Kerr Family and Associates
On January 3, 1992 Ann Goar conducted a formal interview with Wanda Kerr's children. One child said as he had in previous testimony " I collect bones, I collect peoples bones and all kinds of bones. Animals and people. " The child said that Wendell and Wanda taught them how to collect bones. This child also was quoted as saying " Like if it's an animal then you dig the eyes out and you cook them in the microwave and eat them. " He also mentioned that Wendell and Wanda taught him how to keep animal bones in one box and human bones in another.  The boy also said that before he had so many bones that he had different boxes for white people's bones and black people's bones and one for only animal bones but he acquired so many bones that he had to put all his  " people bones " together because he didn't have enough boxes. This boy then told Ann Goar of how Wendell Kerr said he was going to cut his own leg and bleed out to where the child said " very matter of factly, "  " Now if Wendell cut his leg and died, I would have to tear the meat off so that I could save the bones because I would really have to put that in my bone collection. "
Don Holeman and Tammy Smith are mentioned in these testimonies as two people that sexually abused them as well as two black females and an unidentified black male who was friends of Wendell's parents, Eugene Wendell Kerr and Geneva Skipper Kerr as well as Wanda Kerr and Lucas M. Geer
One child in CPS custody tells of how he was forced to watch a baby being killed and later told to kill a baby himself. He then told of how he washed the baby's heart and brain​ and in detail described how he gutted the baby and removed the brain. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The child then went on to describe how this was done over the kitchen sink and how the blood was collected. The boy appeared quite frightened as he had been told by Wanda that if he told he would be killed the same way.  All children made a reference to a devil's pot in which blood was kept when they were cut. They told of how Wanda cut their hands and made them bleed into the  "devil's  pot. " There was a reference to a pregnant woman and large hole dug in the ground where they made a large fire. One child had severe panic attacks when bandages were applied. When asked " why do you not like bandaids? " he replied " Wanda put tape over my mouth, her tie my hands! " The children referred to sex as " making honey "  they also spoke of handcuffs being tied to the floor, " white powder "  being sprinkled on cake, and being served coffee that had something in it. They told many more atrocious accounts that need not be described in detail.

​​January 5, 1992 Kelly Dae Wilson disappears.​ Sgt. James York Brown is assigned to the case. ​

In early 1992 Danny Oscar Kerr received allegations of child abuse when he and common law wife Connie Martin separated. Danny Kerr's indictment stems from a five year old that confronted Danny in Wal-Mart. ( The old Wal-Mart now Bealls department store ) with a foster mother that until that time had no idea what she was involved in. The four Kerr/Martin Children were subsequently removed. The oldest of these told of satanic rituals as they settled into foster care and referred to their grandmother ( Geneva Kerr ) as " the bitch. " They also told of another child, Raymond Smith the son of Tammy Smith. These children begged Ann Goar to rescue Raymond and told of how he had suffered the same abuse as them. The children drew pictures that depicted the acts they described.

February 11, 1992  Wanda Kerr is confronted by her children regarding the sexual abuse, ​​the video, the devil and selling them for sex. Loretta Kerr's children are taken back into custody. It was decided a photographic lineup would be prepared for the boys so they could identify the suspects. This was never done.
May 1992 Wendell Kerr pleads guilty to indecency with a child and relinquishes his parental rights.​​​ Wanda Kerr relinquishes her parental rights as well. Wanda Kerr was pregnant. 
June 6, 1992 Wanda's children tell Marie Lappe ( foster mother ) of ritual abuse and killing babies.
June 29, 1992 Wendell Kerr is sentence to ten tears probation.​​
July 15, 1992 Wanda Kerr's children are taken to austin DPS by CPS worker Debbie Minshew . The interview was done by Stephen Baggs and Brooks Fleig. 

To better understand the people involved in this case, the investigators that became known as the " Lyford Team " and each individual Kerr family member the following information is provided. ​​​​​

Ann Goar; ( Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services ) caseworker. She had extensive knowledge of and according to documents  had witnessed the types of  sexual and satanic abuse described.

Debbie Minshew; ​​ A PRS worker and a specialist in sexually abused children. She was also witness to testimonies.

​​Stephen Baggs; A retired investigator for the DPS. He became involved in this case when Ann Goar and Debbie Minshew approached him in 1992. Baggs had investigated occult cases for many years prior.

Brooks Fleig; ​​A police chaplain from Sulphur, Louisiana. He had worked with Stephen Baggs on the occult for some time. They both worked as special investigators at the Upshur County D.A.'s office under special prosecutor Scott Lyford. Fleig's training in particular is most impressive and has given seminars on occult investigation.

Scott Lyford; An attorney from Galveston​​ who had experience with child abuse cases dating back to 1979. His involvement with this case started in 1993 when District attorney Tim Cone cited conflict of interest and withdrew from the cases seeing that he had represented a Kerr family member when he was a defense attorney.


Eugene Wendell Kerr ( 66 ) and Geneva Skipper Kerr ( 62 ) are the parents of six adult children: Wendell Eugene Kerr, Danny Oscar Kerr, Cloy Kerr, Ronnie Kerr, Marie Kerr,  and Donna Kerr.  Gene and Geneva Married in the 1950's and divorced sometime in the 1950's or 60's. Geneva Kerr married three other men all of whom died before remarrying Eugene.  According to Marie and Donna, Gene and Geneva abused their children almost daily.  
Cloy Kerr's first wife confirmed sexual abuse by Gene and Geneva . She spoke of daily rapings and had witnessed the abuse of Marie and Donna. She was also witness to Geneva Kerr's interest in satanic practices and daily readings from the satanic bible and how Geneva showed interest in sacrifices both animal and human. Marie Kerr had an adult son who worked for PRS in which she did not trust because of his contacts with Danny Kerr.

Cloy Kerr ( 42 ) was never implicated as being part of the sexual abuse that the children described. Cloy was cooperative to a degree but despite his knowledge of the sexual abuse of his sisters ​​​he still defended his family. Cloy's first wife from Greenville said that he did nothing to protect her and that Cloy would kill anyone Geneva told him to. Cloy Kerr gave a statement on things he could remember regarding his family which included seeing a white police car parked beside the house on Cherokee Trace and on one occasion in 1991, was introduced to a young blonde female by Geneva Kerr as " my friend Kelly. " After the Kelly Wilson disappearance He remembered seeing a ring on Geneva's finger that matched the description of the one Kelly Wilson was wearing when she disappeared. Marie, Ronnie and Donna Kerr also mentioned seeing Geneva wear this ring in the summer of 1992. Ronnie Kerr tried to buy it but Geneva would not sell it which he found odd seeing as she would sell anything she had.

Wendell Eugene Kerr ( 45 )​​ has had three wives. The first was a Mexican woman named Maqguetr  Salazar who lives with her and Wendell's son in Irving. Loretta Kerr was Wendell's second wife where they had four children all taken by PRS. The first of these children was not Wendell Kerr's biological child but was sired by Loretta's father. Wanda Lou Geer Hicks Kerr is Wendell's third known wife. In addition to the information already put forth on Wanda Kerr she was said to have bragged about a videotape made of her having sex with six men and Tammy Jo Smith being in the video gagged and bound to a chair with her eyes blindfolded while the men not having sex with Wanda were having anal sex with each other. Wendell Kerr was a truck driver by profession and met James York Brown in the trucking business when Brown was out of the police force for a short time.

Danny Oscar Kerr( 40 ) is said to be Geneva Kerr's favorite son and is the one Geneva has sex with the most. Danny Kerr has been seen as   " tougher mentally " than Wendell or Cloy and  reportedly is believed to be a serial killer.  Danny  had a Mexican wife and daughter that lived in El Paso. He wrote to them on occasion in " broken Spanish " . His daughter has written back but it was believed there was little contact between her and Danny. Danny Oscar Kerr was a truck driver by trade.

Connie Sue Martin ( 27 ) ​was Danny Kerr's common law wife. In 1984, seventeen year old Connie Martin met Wendell and Loretta Kerr while they lived in Arkansas and became their live in babysitter. According to Connie on the third day of living with the Kerrs Wendell raped her.  Connie Martin was taken to Texas with Wendell and Loretta where she was taken over by Danny Kerr and had six children. She said she did not know if all of the children were Danny's as she had had sex with all of the Kerrs. Connie also said that during one of her pregnancies Danny beat her then they aborted the eight month old baby and used it as a sacrifice. Connie Sue Martin as said by investigators was willing to give information in order to get free of the Kerr's control, apparently she had been a slave to the family for a decade. She had no drivers licence and could not operate a vehicle. She was constantly threatened by Geneva and Danny and her only form of identification was a birth certificate that Danny Kerr kept in his wallet.  Connie's role in the family was simply to be a breeder according to her.  

July 16, 1992 ​Wanda Kerr tells PRS workers that she will never give up Tabitha ( the child she was pregnant with ). She was then threatened with a ritual  abuse investigation in where within 24 hours she relinquished her rights to Tabitha Kerr.
October 1, 1992 Two of Wendell's children are taken to be interviewed by Stephen Baggs and Brooks Fleig. Charges of drugs. pornography and satanic ritual abuse are investigated. Videotapes of this interview were made.
October 27, 1992 Tammy Smith fails a polygraph administered by DPS officer Rogers. Don Holeman has a violent confrontation with Rogers. Holeman refuses to take a polygraph.​​​
October 28, 1992 Lucas Geer's probation is revoked after molesting another child.
February 18, 1993 ​​Stephen Baggs, Brooks Fleig and Carlton Scott interview Lucas Geer in prison where Lucas admits he was part of a group that sacrificed babies. Almost in passing Lucas mentions Kelly Wilson and how she will never be found.
​April 18, 1993 Ann Goar asks Lucas Geer if he is willing to take a polygraph. Lucas agrees.
April 22, 1993 Lucas Geer takes polygraph administered by Ernie Hulsey and passes. He was found to give no deceptive answers in his admitting of satanic sacrifice. ​
May 24, 1993 Upshur County Grand Jury make 45 indictments among those were the Kerrs, Holeman, Smith and Flowers families​
May 28, 1993 Lucas Geer is brought from prison to assist in the Kerr search warrant.​ 
May 29, 1993 A search warrant is executed for the Kerr residence on Cherokee Trace, Chief Deputy Murray Jordan attempts to delay the warrant.  Cadaver dog K9 Pete alerts on a red storage shed and three depressions which appeared to be shallow graves around a tree which looked to be in the middle of a ritual circle. K9 Pete also alerted to a nylon bag with the contents: one shell necklace, electrical wire with yellow insulation, nylon strap tow rope with metal connectors, six rubber tie downs, and one brown macrame rope. Connie Martin and Wanda Kerr identify these items as those used to restrain and torture victims. Raymond Smith tells of how the electrical wire was used to shock children's genitals. There was also eleven pieces of children's jewelry found in a jar, thirty 8mm movies, and seven 7 1/2 inch videotapes with the titles: " Ice Skating "," Maid," " Slaves ", " Combo # 1 ", " On White Satin ", and two untitled tapes.  Lucas Geer mentions how the place was " cleaned up " and that Geneva Kerr had ordered evidence be removed when the children first began to tell of ritual abuse. 
June 28, 1993 Raymond Smith goes to court to testify against those that abused him. When it came time for Raymond to testify he became inconsolable, social workers then began to try to calm him down by the use of the " holding technique "  he then  began to tell Ann Goar the details of the kidnapping and murder of Kelly Wilson​. When telling these accounts the child lost control of his bodily functions. Until this point no one had these accused satanists as suspects in the Kelly Wilson disappearance.
July 2, 1993 Sgt. James York Brown goes to TDC ( Texas Department of Corrections ​) and takes a statement from Lucas Geer that he had lied about ritual killings. Brown was not aware that Geer had taken and passed a polygraph admitting to the killings or that Kelly Wilson was not mentioned in the polygraph examination. 
July 1993 Ann Goar and Debbie Minshew reluctantly inform Sgt. James Brown of Raymond Smith's testimony of the kidnapping and murder of Kelly Wilson. When approached with this information Sgt. Brown told them that he would discredit the child and destroy their cases. He said that he had been to TDC and Lucas Geer had lied about ritual killings and that he did not want to ask any questions or talk to the child.
August 23, 1993 Upshur County District Attorney Tim Cone resigns from case due to " conflict of interest ". Tim cone assigns CPS to locate an attorney to replace him on this case.​ 
September 27 1993 ​Shane Phelps ( Attorney General ) notifies Ann Goar that he would not honor her request to take over the child abuse cases. 
October 14, 1993 Judge ( Tiny Garrison ) appoints Scott Lyford as special prosecutor. 
November 7, 1993 Under the care of foster parents ( James and Marie Lappe ) who had fostered Several of Wanda Kerr's children, the oldest son of Danny Kerr and Connie Martin is critically injured. ​When accused of abusing the child James Lappe told doctors that this child fell while running up and down the stairs which was how he regularly punished his foster children when acting up. 
November 8, 1993 James Lappe commits suicide by gunshot.
November 10, 1993 Marie Lappe commits suicide by drug overdose.​​
December 1, 1993 Wendell Kerr's probation is revoked and is placed in Upshur county jail.​ 
December 2, 1993 Wanda Kerr fails polygraph denying ritual abuse.
December 3, 1993 Wand a Kerr pleads guilty and agrees to plea bargain in the court of Judge Tiny Garrison.​​
December 4, 1993 Wanda Kerr gives information on Kelly Wilson.
December 5, 1993 Wanda Kerr shows exact route taken when Kelly Wilson was abducted.​​
Decemver 6, 1993 Motion to raise bonds on all defendants After arrest the Kerrs were allowed constant contact even sharing the same cells. Objections to this were ignored.
December 9, 1993 ​​Connie Martin gives an affidavit regarding the Kelly Wilson disappearance. Wanda Kerr asks for a letter to be delivered to Wendell Kerr.

Warning: The following is disturbing: 

This is a notarized statement made by Connie Sue Martin dated December 9, 1993. { quoting }:

" Before me , the undersigned authority on this day personally appeared Connie Martin, known by me to be the person whose signature appears below, and having been by me duly sworn ​​on oaths says and deposes as follows ":

" My name is Connie Martin.  I live in Gilmer, Texas with Danny Kerr. We are not married.I was present when Wendell Kerr and Danny Kerr, Don Holeman, Wanda Kerr and me drove into Gilmer in Danny's van. We picked up Kelly Wilson at a video store on the square. We drove back out to Eugene and Geneva Kerr's house on Cherokee Trace. Eugene and Geneva, Tammy Smith and her son Raymond, and my two sons Danny and Daniel were there.Danny and Wendell led us all back to the woods. They made me and Wanda have sex with Kelly. She didn't want to, they made her. Danny and Wendell made her have sex with them, so did Geneva, Eugene, and Don Holeman. Tammy Smith was there. They kept her quiet by putting tape over her mouth. After they were through they made me and Wanda take the kids back to the house. I don't know what they did with her after that. "

Those present for the Connie Martin affidavit are: Dwight Brannon ( Connie Martin's lawyer ), Tim Cone D.A., and Mike Martin City Attorney. James Brown was also at the jail for a brief time. Connie tells Brannon that she is afraid of James Brown.

Also on December 9, 1993  Wanda Kerr sends a letter to Wendell​​​​​. The following are the contents of that letter exactly as written: 

Dear Baby,
Hi! What's up? Nothing much here, but just setting here thinking about you baby. I have told them everything that I can think about o.k. I love you so much and I know you love me to I need you to open up to o.kay. It is heard I know and I know your mind is block with a lot of thing but you need to get it out o.k. Honey I am doing fine and i mess you to​​​. I have been tied up  o.kay and what I mean is with all of this stuff o.kay and if you dont know what I mean just think for a minute and if you still dont know what I mean just let me know o.kay.
Will I guess I'll let you go for now o.kay and Baby I Love you with all my heart and God bless you.
Love always
your wife
Wanda Kerr​​​​

Brooks Fleig delivered the letter to Wendell Kerr. When Wendell read the letter he was ready to confess, he wanted only Brooks Fleig, Carlton Scott and Mark Huffines ( his minister ) present. ​​At this time Wendell did not have an attorney. Shortly before the meeting, Corky Stovall was appointed Wendell Kerr's lawyer and stopped the proceeding. Wendell never gave a statement.

December 13, 1993 Connie Martin and Wanda Kerr give additional information on ritual killings.
December 14, 1993 Carlton Scott meets with Sgt. James Brown
December 15, 1993 Sgt. James Brown is asked to assist by obtaining telephone and medical records on Wendell Kerr. Carlton Scott returns from Arkansas having checked Wendell's alibi.
December 29, 1993 Connie Martin passes a polygraph admitting to abduction of Kelly Dae Wilson given by Gordon Moore, DPS ​ ( Sgt. Brown was not implicated ) 
December 30, 1993 Connie Martin implicates Sgt. James York Brown​ in the Kelly Wilson case as well as sexually abusing children.

Sometime between late December 1993 and early January 1994 Brooks Flieg sent out a request for information to Dr. Carl A. Raschke the leading occult expert in the nation asking for help in understanding what type of occultism that Wanda Kerr and Connie Martin have spoken of.

The following are the contents of Brooks Fleig's fax to Dr. Carl Raschke.

​" Please advise if any of the following ​​are part of any ritual or discipline you are familiar with:
1. Killing or sacrifice ( human )  on the ground​, no altar sometimes the sacrifice was tied to a tree.
2. Blood of the sacrifice put into a cup and passed to each member of the group to drink.
3. The sex organs of the sacrifice are removed and cut into small pieces and eaten raw, placed into the mouth of each person by the leader.​​
4. Sex with the sacrifice before and after death
5. All flesh is cut from the bones and eaten later, cooked as part of a regular meal.​​
6. Head and hands are saved, some bones are saved and inserted into other sacrifices
7 .Chanting about Satan is all through the ritual​
​​​8. Some of the members have on white robes with a black six pointed star on the left side of the robe, only the leader wears the hood, the hood is trimmed in black.
9. Children as well as adults are used as sacrifices.
10. Children as well as adults are part of the group.​​
​​​11. The person being killed is tortured by hitting, electrical shock and extreme brutality.
12. The following symbols are drawn on some of the people with blood.​ ( there were drawings of these symbols ) 
Please fax your answer to:  Scott Lyford

The following are the contents of Dr. Carl Raschke's fax to Scott Lyford

Dear Brooks:

In response to your query about the sacrificial murder ​​​​(s) in East Texas here are the following possible interpretations. Let me rate each interpretation on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of confidence levels. 
Thus 1 = very weak 2 = weak 3 = moderate 4 = strong 5 = very strong​

1. Sacrifice on ground. Victims sometimes tied to a tree.
That kind of ritual can be called " archetypical ​​​ " and evinces characteristics of classic sacrificial procedure as described by ancient historians and cultural anthropologists. The purpose of tying a victim to a tree is to channel the blood energies back into the underworld, the realm of the dark lord. { confidence level 5 } 
2. Blood from sacrifice put into cup and passed for drinking.
Again, this type of ritual performance is archetypal. It finds analogies in the satanic black mass. It is a parody, or perhaps we might say a " re-paganizing " of the Christian Eucharist or Holy Communion. { confidence level 5 }
3. Cutting of the sex organs into small pieces and eaten raw.
This practice constitutes an act of magical incorporation found among primitive tribes that practice ritual cannibalism​​. It's technical name is " phallophagy " , or the consumption of the male member. The aim is to transfer the solar energies of the victim supposedly contained in the penis to the sacrifices. { confidence level 5 }
​​​​​4. Sex with the sacrifice before and after death. 
A common kind of " ancillary " ritual action. Because most satanic sacrifices is part of the ceremonial complex known as " pseudo-tantric sex magic ", sex with the victim is a means of both humiliating them and crushing their egos while bonding into the mystic body of the cult where sex and death are experienced as one. { confidence level 4 }
5. Flesh cut from the bones and eaten later.
This is a further gesture of ritual incorporation, or " unholy communion "​​​​.  The blood is drunk and the body eaten as in all  " communion " celebrations, except that the act of incorporation is realistic and material, rather than symbolic as in the Christian tradition.
{ confidence level 5 }
6. Head and hands are saved, some bones saved and inserted into other sacrifices as part of a sex ritual.
All body parts in ceremonial magic have a certain value or " valence ". The valence of a head is intelligence or self-consciousness . Magical groups believe that in preserving these body parts the " power " or valence of the part is also preserved for the purpose of working other magic. It is like taking a part out of a junked automobile and using it in another chassis. By inserting the bones into future victims, the practitioners believe they are using the valences for specific magical applications in that ceremony. I could not begin to speculate as to the actual application in this instance. But it is done in accordance with the " theory of contagion " developed by the famous anthropologist Sir James Frazer. { confidence level 4 } 
7. Chanting about Satan all through the ritual.
Chanting is essential to the ceremonial process in all religions. By chanting the name of the " deity ", one attains the power of that deity. A satanic [sic] chants the name of Satan in order to receive the magical powers of Satan. { confidence level 5 } 
​8. Some members wear white robes with a black six pointed star on the left side of the robe, only the leader has s hood.
Description of the regalia of high ceremonial " black magician or satanists ". The six pointed star is the Seal of Solomon, the emblem of high magical orders . The fact that the star is black indicates satanism. { confidence level 5 } 
9.​ Children as well as adults used in sacrifices.
Children are usually preferred as sacrificial victims​. as the theoretician of sex magic Aleister Crowley says in his " Magic In Theory and Practice ". Children, because they are more innocent and pure are believed to have more power to be appropriated by ritual means. { confidence level 5 } 
​10. Children as well as adults are part of the group.
This is a fairly common trait of satanic cults. Children are necessary both as magical fodder and for training successors to carry on the religion itself. { confidence level 5 }
11.​ Person being killed is tortured by hitting, electrical shock and extreme brutality.
A painful death of the victim is necessary to release the vital energies for magical manipulation, as Anton LaVey himself notes in the satanic bible. The more the victim suffers, the more powerful will be their vital energy. { confidence level 5 }
12. Symbols drawn.
The first symbol, which looks like a " peace sign "​​​, is actually the " generativity " symbol of solar phallic worship. It is often found in magical groups alongside the swastika. It is common in all magical groups, not just satanic groups. It is sometimes referred to as the " Cross of Nero, " but this interpolation is misleading. The second symbol is a similar " generative " symbol of solar/phallic worship. { confidence level 5 } 

" Based on the information given to me, I can confidently conduce that what you have is an intergenerational cult of solar/phallic/satanists " high magicians " who probably trace their lineage all the way back to the pseudo-Templars ​of the fifteenth century
​​The idiographic evidence for the existence of this cult is overwhelming. "  

On January 4, 1994 Connie Martin did a thirty page interview in the Harrison County jail in Marshall, Texas in where she described in gruesome detail of the torture that Kelly Wilson would receive for approximately nine days ​before ending in ritual satanic sacrifice. Those details are too horrific to print so they will be summed up as follows: 

​​According to the Connie Martin interview there was a phone call to the Kerr residence on Cherokee trace that alerted them to " go to Gilmer right now. " It was at that point that Wendell Kerr, Danny Kerr, Wanda Kerr, Don Holeman and Connie Martin departed in a green van for downtown Gilmer. When arriving at the North Texas Video parking lot on the square.  Danny Kerr said to Kelly Wilson " do you wanna see my momma? " it was at that point Kelly Wilson entered the vehicle apparently of her own volition. ( It is unclear as to what happened inside the vehicle ) When arriving at the Kerr residence Kelly Wilson was raped and tortured by various means over a period of nine days. On the last day Kelly Wilson was taken out to the woods to a ritual circle and sacrificed. Her flesh was consumed at the ritual, and later as part of a meal. Those present during these events were: Geneva Kerr ( the leader ), Wendell Kerr, Danny Kerr, Eugene Kerr, Don Holeman, Tammy Smith, Sgt. James Brown, Raymond Smith, Connie Martin, two of her children and Wanda Kerr. Connie Martin and Wanda Kerr both had stated in interviews that Kelly Wilson was a " birthday present "  for Geneva Kerr​. 
Those present at he interview are: Scott Lyford, Stephen Baggs, Brooks Fleig and Debbie Minshew. 

January 7, 1994 Volunteer search of the Duncan street house is made. Among the items removed were jewelry, two ritual or Halloween type masks, and three knives. Connie Martin stated that some of the jewelry belonged to the female victims Danny had killed ​​, she then agreed to match the jewelry with possible victims. ( this was never done ) Connie Martin then showed the investigators a house with a cellar in Simpsonville where she and Danny had once lived.
January 9, 1994 Connie Martin gives information ​on killings in Simpsonville. Connie states that victims' bones were buried wrapped in black plastic. 
January 10, 1994 ​A search of the Simpsonville house is done with a cadaver dog and a backhoe. Bone fragments wrapped in black plastic were found ten feet from where Connie Martin said it would be buried. Pieces of metal were found with the bones. Connie stated that metal was always buried with the bones in the event they ever needed to excavate them. Investigators believed that the other bones had been removed being that in the search of the Kerr home on Cherokee Trace, metal detectors had been observed.
January 11, 1994 ​ Brooks Fleig sees Sgt. James Brown in front of the Upshur County Jail. Brown is said to be impatient and concerned about the statements made by Wanda Kerr and Connie Martin. Fleig informs Brown that only Scott Lyford can release information and that he did not want to cross Lyford seeing as he was the " boss ". James Brown appears nervous and asked if he had been mentioned in the statements, then immediately explained he meant his case. 
January 17, 1994 ​Investigative team receives lab report on the Simpsonville Bones from Dr. David M. Glassman.  { quoted } " Opinion: Based on the morphological and radiographic analysis, the bone shaft and associated fragments are most probably human [subadult tibia], although an unequivocal determination cannot be made. "​​
January 19, 1994​ A DPS lab team conducts a preliminary field test of the Simpsonville cellar where traces of human blood were believed to be found.
January 20, 1994 ​Scott Lyford, Stephen Baggs, Brooks Fleig, Ann Goar and Debbie Minshew meet with Tim Cone, D.A.; Mike Martin, City Attorney; and Gilmer Police Chief McAllister in the District Attorney's office. Cone states that he would rather Lyford present information to the Grand Jury and Tim Cone would introduce Lyford and his team to them. When asked if he would pick up Sgt. James Brown in the event of an indictment seeing as it was the most professionally courteous way of arrest, Chief McAllister refused to cooperate in any way.
January 21, 1994 Grand Jury returns indictments. Sgt. Brown is among those indicted. He was arrested in College Station, Texas attending a police management class when he was arrested. 
January 23, 1994 Marie Kerr states that she had seen Sgt. Brown drinking coffee at The Duncan st. house and the house on Cherokee trace. 
January 24, 1994 Suspects are arraigned, press conference is held.
​​​January 25, 1994 DPS lab team assist in search warrant at Cherokee Trace. A red barn and truck tool box were removed.
January 26, 1994 Another search of the Duncan street house is made. Among the items found were beads used for sexual activity, a pair of boots ( allegedly worn by Kelly Wilson ) and a mattress covering. A sample of the mattress covering was examined at the DPS lab. Lab results indicated a positive presence for human blood. There was no follow up. 
February, 1994 Lucas Geer recants his statement on ritual abuse and sacrifice stating that the investigators were " bugging me " and that he told them what they wanted to hear. When approached with the fact that he passed a polygraph admitting to these accounts and that several children had spoken of the same rituals, Lucas Geer said " I didn't know anything about that. "​
February, 1994 Scott Lyford speaks with Shane Phelps and requests help from the Attorney General's office.​
February 2, 1994 When eating supper at Ann Goar's residence there was an anonymous call where only the sounds of a baby being made to cry was heard. ( it was said to be very disturbing ) 
February 7, 1994 V.O.C.A.L. ( victims of child abuse laws ) holds a rally ​in support of Sgt. James Brown and others indicted.
February 18, 1994 Shane Phelps and a team from the Attorney General's office arrive for briefing. ( Scott Lyford had tried on more than one occasion to enlist the help of the A.G.' s office to no avail. ) It was a call from state representative Bob Glaze that brought Shane Phelps into the case.
February 25, 1994 Chief McAllister tells Brooks Fleig that he has additional information on the Kelly Wilson case previously unknown to the Lyford team. However he refuses to give the information to the investigators stating that is his intention to give it to Sgt. Brown's attorney David Moore.
February 26, 1994 Judge James B. Zimmerman of Dallas is appointed to hear the Wilson case.

In a Gilmer Mirror article by Mac Overton dated February 26, 1994 Wendell Kerr's trucking log from the time Kelly Wilson disappeared was disclosed.​​

According to the trucking logs that were received anonymously by the Gilmer Mirror for the dates December 29, 1991 through January 16, 1992, Wendell Kerr was on an extended trucking run which took him to Buffalo New York during the closing days of 1991 and the first weeks of 1992.​ Wendell Kerr was based out of Shreveport Louisiana at the time and was a driver for USA Truck Inc. of Van Buren Arkansas. These logs show that Wendell was off duty in West Memphis, Arkansas on December 29, 1991. On December 30, 1991 he logged 338 miles from West Memphis, Arkansas to Bastrop, Louisiana. On December 31, 1991 he logged 212 miles returning to West Memphis, Arkansas. On January 1, 1992 Wendell logged 536 miles starting in West Memphis Arkansas and arriving in Monee, Illinois. On January 2, 1992 he only logged 25 miles ending in Blue Island, Illinois.  On January 3, 1992 the log shows Wendell departing from Blue Island, Illinois and arriving in West Unity, Ohio logging 280 miles. January 4, 1992 shows Wendell Kerr leaving West Unity, Ohio and driving to Buffalo, New York a distance of 408 miles. On January 5, 1992 the log shows Wendell off duty in Buffalo, New York ( the date of the Kelly Wilson disappearance ).  The log states that on January 6, 1992 Wendell departed from Buffalo, New York and arrived in Kirkland Ohio and drove 510 miles. However an attached memo says that Wendell incorrectly listed Buffalo, New York as his starting point but the correct point of departure was Amherst, New York. On January 7, 1992 he drove 500 miles from Kirkland, Ohio to Racine, Wisconsin. On January 8, 1992 he logged 485 miles from Racine, Wisconsin to Shelbyville, Kentucky. January 9, 1992 he drove 248 miles to Glendale, Kentucky. On January 10, 1992 it is not listed his departure or his destination but 283 miles were logged. The log for January 11, 1992 shows a departure from Dayton, Ohio to Raphine, Virginia a run of 416 miles. On January 12, 1992 127 miles were logged from Raphine, Virginia to Fredericksburg, Virginia. January 13, 1992 shows Wendell Kerr leaving Fredericksburg, Virginia and arriving in Sandy Gross, Georgia a run of 510 miles. The date also shows an accident in Greenville, South Carolina. January 14, 1992 shows 459 miles from Sandy Gross, Georgia to Alton, Louisiana. On January 15, 1992 the log shows Wendell departing from Alton, Louisiana and arriving in Flatonia, Texas. An accident was noted in Lafayette, Loisiana. On January 16, 1992 the log states that Wendell drove from Flatonia, Texas through San Antonio and Houston Texas and arriving in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

With these records disclosed it should be noted that many of these miles logged do not reflect the actual distance from some departures to arrivals and the fuel log and mile log does not coincide. In fact there are more than 2,000 miles in the fuel log that are unaccounted for.​​

March 4, 1994 Scott Lyford announces he is ready to try the child molestation cases.
​March 5, 1994 Scott Lyford resigns as special prosecutor for the Kelly Wilson case. Sgt. James Brown's attorney requests a restraining order be issued to Scott Lyford. The request asks that Scott Lyford be restrianed from subpoenaing witnesses from the Grand jury for the purpose of trial preparation. 
March 11, 1994 Shane Phelps informs the Lyford team of his intention to take over the case and states there will be a three or four weak period of debriefing and transition. The Lyford team states they will do everything possible to cooperate with this transition. ( No debriefing or transition took place. )
March 14, 1994 Shane Phelps and his A.G. team dismiss all charges relating to the Kelly Wilson case and inform Brooks Fleig and Stephen Baggs that their services are no longer needed. There were no explanations ​​given.
March 24, 1994 bonds are reduced on Gene and Geneva Kerr as well as Don Holeman and Tammy Smith. Don and Tammy post bond.
April 9, 1994​​ Connie Martin and Wanda Kerr are moved from Harrison county jail back to Upshur county jail. After Connie made bond in July 1994 she claimed she was raped and constantly harassed by Danny Kerr and said he was allowed to harass her ​through the cell doors and while she was making phone calls. She claims she was told not to call the Lyford team and if she did she would be in trouble.
June 1, 1994 The A.G.'s office begin looking into the idea of a complicated blood analysis that Cathy Carlson ( Kelly Wilson's mother ) could have had a hand in her daughter's disappearance stating that with the blood type of she and her son Kyle that he could not be her biological child and was her " bastard son ". They also go on top say that Kelly knew of this and may have threatened to tell Kyle this which they felt would give Cathy motive to have a hand in her demise. 
June 13, 1994 Shane Phelps issues an illegal subpoena to Brooks Fleig, Stephen Baggs ​and Scott Lyford. Subpoenas are ignored by the Grand jury.
June 21, 1994 ​At K.W.'s restaurant State Representative Bob Glaze is overheard saying to Commissioner Gaddis Lyndsey that " Shane Phelps promised me that Brown would be no-billed and this mess cleaned up. " Gaddis Lyndsey stated that he wanted the community to be cleared of satanic involvement.
June 23, 1994 Shane Phelps interviews Connie Martin for the first and only time. Connie Martin recants her statements about Kelly Wilson and was to be taken in front of the Grand jury the next day. Connie calls Brooks Fleig where he advised her to " just tell the truth " she did not tell him she had recanted. Martin then told her attorney that her statement would be the same as before. She never appeared in front of the Grand jury.
June 29, 1994 The Lyford team go to Gilmer to testify before the Grand jury after legal subpoenas were issued. Upon arrival they are informed by Shane Phelps that they are under investigation by the Grand jury. Brooks Fleig was being investigated for impersonating a police officer, illegally carrying a weapon, tampering with a witness, abuse of authority and illegal release of information.​
July 1994 Scott Lyford shares his grievance with the A.G.'s office to the press stating that his team was not giving the " courtesy " in the way they were summoned and saying the summons of his two investigators and himself was " the most insane thing I have ever been involved in. "
July 5, 1994 Sgt. James Brown files a lawsuit against the Lyford team.
July 13, 1994 Upshur County's commissioner's court officially ​​​revoke Scott Lyford's appointment as Special Prosecutor.
July 22, 1994 Connie Martin is released on bond and goes to Louisiana.
July 30, 1994 Upshur County Commissioner's Court refuse to defend Brooks Fleig and Stephen Baggs.
August 5, 1994 Allen Pusey and Victoria Loe, reporters for The Dallas Morning News​interview Connie Martin in Louisiana where she recants her testimony about Kelly Wilson and ritual sacrifice.
August 6, 1994 Sheila Burns tells the Gilmer Mirror that she was Connie Martin's cellmate in the Upshur county jail and that Connie told her that she never knew of Kelly Wilson and that she was afraid of the Lyford team.​ Connie Martin denied that she ever made those statements but her denial was not printed in the article.
August 19, 1994 Remi Barron ( Tyler, Texas NBC affiliate ) and Walt Beuteau ( Shreveport, Louisiana NBC affiliate ) interview Connie Martin in Louisiana where she tells them the same story as she had told Allen Pusey and Victoria Loe.
August 20, 1994 Brooks Fleig confronts Connie Martin and asks why she lied to reporters from the Dallas Morning News and television stations ​about her testimony. Her only reply was " At least they won't kill me now. "
August 21, 1994 Justice for Kelly Rally is held in Gilmer.
August 22, 1994 Connie Martin voluntarily admits to Brooks Fleig that she had lied to reporters from the Dallas Morning News and television station stating she did it out of fear and she wished to inform the Dallas Morning News and the television stations that her statements were not truthful. All reporters who interviewed Connie were informed and audiotapes of her confession were forwarded to them.​​ 
August 24, 1994 Justice for Kelly blasts A.G.'s office for cover-ups alleged in this investigation in an article in the Gilmer Mirror​.
​August 28, 1994 The Dallas Morning News runs article stating the recants of Connie Martin despite her telling Pusey that she lied in those statements to the newspaper. Allen Pusey runs the article anyway against her objections.
September 27, 1994 Dallas Morning News runs another article further discrediting the case and investigators.
October 1, 1994 At a V.O.C.A.L. convention, Chief McAllister ​​claims to have tape recordings of threats made to Sgt. James Brown by the Lyford team.
​October 31, 1994 Danny Kerr is released on  40,000 dollars P.R. bond. Ward Tisdale of the A.G.'s office stated that this release had been made over his office's objections. Later that evening the Gilmer Police department was burglarized. Boxes containing records of the Kelly Wilson case and police logs were taken.
November 2, 1994 Wanda Kerr is released on P.R. bond.
November 16, 1994 Gilmer police release a statement that five boxes of evidence from the Kelly Wilson case were stolen from the police evidence room. The boxes contained copies of the records in the case. ( The originals were forwarded to the A.G.'s office and these are also missing. ) ​​
December 24, 1994 Gene, Geneva​, and Wendell Kerr are released from Upshur County jail.


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all ages are as they were in 1994